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We offer a variety of hay in different bale sizes

1x2 bales - 12"x18"x24" - averages 40 pounds

2x2 bales - 24"x18"24" - averages 60 pounds

3'x3'x8'  Bales

Hay your way! 

Interested in ordering pallets of hay? 

Look no further.. we offer two pallet sizes 

24 2x2 bales averaging 60 pounds per bale (left)

24 1x2 bales averaging 40 pounds per bale (right)



We sell wheat straw by the bale 

2 string bales

Bundles of 21 small bales

3'x3'x8' Bales

Call for pricing
We sell hay by weight so exact pricing is not available until we have the weight of your order

2023 1st Cutting Orchard Grass

2023 Canadian 1st Cutting Timothy

2023 Western Alfalfa

Wheat Straw

2023 1st Cutting Timothy

2023 2nd Cutting Grass

2023 1st Cutting Grass Alfalfa

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